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2015 02 22 Blue & Gold Dinner

posted Jan 27, 2014, 1:58 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 5, 2014, 2:00 PM ]

I'm sure you are all excited about the upcoming Blue and Gold dinner on Feb 23rd and I wanted to take a minute to pass along some information and to answer a few questions.

Attendance: Please account for all family members who are attending and bring in your count by the Feb 2rd  Den meeting. This date is contingent on the Feb 10th committee meeting.  We need all the numbers by Feb 2rd for ordering enough food for everyone.

When: B&G is Sunday, Feb 22rd from 3:00pm-6:00pm.  
Location: At the Church - Address located in left margin on this page. The flag ceremony is starting promptly at 3:00 so please be sure to have your scout at the CLC room between 2:45pm (no earlier) and 3:00pm (no later). 

Attire: Scouts are to dress in full Class A uniform.  We want the boys to dress to impress so make sure neckerchiefs are on, hats are straight and shirts are tucked. 

Dinner: Dinner to be DETERMINED 

 Will be catered by E.W. Becks The Pack will be covering the cost of the banquet; there will be no charge for the scouts or their families.  Please encourage your boys to invite their entire families, including grandparents. We are ordering from Becks again this year

And for Desert?     Cake Theme: TO BE DETERMINED
Picture not to to be taken as literal. Please use your imagination

Desert of course is all on the boys and their dads.  In keeping with Pack 719 tradition we will once again have a father/son cake contest.  Rules are simple: the scouts, with help from dad if needed, bake and decorate a cake at home and then bring to the B&G where the boys in the pack will then vote on the most awesomest cakes.  Top three vote getters walk away with a little something from the Pack.  This year's theme to help you along is space. After the vote we get to dig in to the offerings.
Once last thing I want to mention is to remind everyone interested that we will once again be taking donations for the annual Friends of Scouting campaign. Eric Grosh will be on hand to give a detailed breakdown of what the campaign affords the Boy Scout program and to take any donations you wish to offer.
Entertainment:  TO BE DETERMINED
That's all for now, see you Sunday
Yours in Scouting, 
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