Snack Stick Fundraiser
Let's face it parents, we grew up in a different time. As kids, nothing was handed to us. We either worked or helped to earn our rewards: money, an activity with friends, or something we wanted. Scouting still believes in and stands for the core value of earning!

Benefits to Our Pack
We plan to make this our MAIN fundraiser for the year - so we need everyone to participate! Selling snack sticks makes Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents. This allows us to purchase awards and recognition's, keep our website and tracking software running, pay for office expenses, supplies, and everything our Pack needs to run a well rounded program. Let's do a good job and get it done!

Benefits to Your Scout and Family
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards including gift cards and prizes
  • Can lower your Scout dues
Things To Know
  • Scouts will receive order forms from their den leader or at their first den meeting.
  • You must collect money at the time of taking an order
  • Checks should be made out to Pack 719
  • Keep in mind, if you order snack sticks, you must pay for them
  • Snack sticks cannot be returned once ordered
  • Every scout is expected to participate in snack stick selling.
  • If each scout can sell one box ($154), it will help maintain our budget levels.
Selling Tips
  • ALWAYS wear your uniform
  • ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself
  • ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling snack sticks
  • KNOW the different kinds of snack stick you are selling
  • ALWAYS say "Thank You"
  • ALWAYS make a copy of your order form
  • ALWAYS have a clean order form with a pen
  • BE SURE to get customer email addresses to send them a "Thank You" email after the sale.
Safety Tips
  • NEVER enter anyone's home
  • NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult
  • DON'T carry large amounts of cash with you
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  • ALWAYS sell with another scout or with an adult
Ways to Sell
  • Door-2-Door
    • The Scout with his Akela goes door to door with a box of snack sticks.
    • The customer selects his/her snack sticks and the Scout collects the money.
  • Selling at Work
    • Parents/Guardian can take an box to their work.
    • Fellow co-workers select their snack sticks.
    • Parent/Guardian delivers product and collect the money.
    • (It is best to collect the money upfront when possible)
  • Site Sales
    • Site Sales make up a big part of our snack stick program. We've obtained permission from local businesses to set up a sales table. Site Sales have plenty of products on-hand for people to buy. Different Scouts work at the table in shifts. Always have adult supervision.
    • Check the calendar for site sale times and other important details.
Fundraising Uses:
Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents. Here is a just a small sampling of the 2018/19 activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:
  • Neckerchief, and Slide
  • Activity kits and construction
  • Klondike Derby for scouts and Leaders
  • Pinewood derby kits, trophies, track
  • Pack meeting refreshments
  • Movie Nights
  • Cub scout camping sites and meals
  • Scout patches, badges and recognition awards

Parent Action Items
  • Snack Stick Sales Begin September 1st
  • You must collect money at time of the order
  • All Checks made out to "Pack 719"
  • PayPal gifts, can be sent to
Key Dates

Show and Sell Dates
  • Please click on the following link to sign up for the site sales.  Sign up
  • Saturday, September 22nd from 7am - 5pm at Sykesville Convenience Store
  • Sunday, September 23rd from 7am - 5pm at Sykesville Convenience Store
  • Saturday, October 13th from 7am - 5pm at Ace Hardware in Westminster.
  • Sunday, October 14th from 10am - 4pm at Ace Hardware in Westminster.

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