• Where can we get our Pinewood Derby® kit?
    • All active Scouts will receive a kit as a Christmas present in December. Parent and siblings are on their own. Your local Scout shop has them. And you can always order kits through or a local hobbie shop.
  • Who builds the car?
    • A Pinewood Derby® gives a Cub Scout and an adult a project to complete as a team. They design the car together, build it, and then enter it in the race. Each boy can work with one or both parents, a guardian, grandparent, or other responsible adult.
  • What are the specification limits for a Pinewood Derby® car?
    • The finished race car may be no longer than 7 inches, as determined by the official gages during the Registration and Inspection. Underside clearance of at least 3/ 8 (0.375) inches and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1 - 3/ 4 (1.75) inches is recommended, so that the car will run on the race track. The car can not be more that 2 — 3/4 (2.75) inches wide. Adequate clearance is the responsibility of the race car builder. Finished race cars may weigh no more than five (5) ounces (total weight) as determined on the official scale during the pre-race inspection and check-in. The Weight shown on the official scale is FINAL.
  • Can we substitute our own wheels, axles, or wood block for those from the Pinewood Derby® kit?
    • No. By starting with identical materials, every Cub Scout has a fair chance in the derby.
  • How can we make our car go fast?
    • Be sure the wheels are straight. Check the axles when you start building the car to be sure they fit correctly. Make any adjustments to the axles before your Cub Scout begins sanding and painting the car, then remove the wheels. After painting the car, replace the wheels and you'll be ready to race.
    • Heavier cars are often faster than lighter ones. You can add metal (such as a fishing weight) to your car to bring it close to the five-ounce limit. Before painting your car, drill a hole in the wood a little larger than the size of the weight and glue the weight in place. Cover with wood putty and sand the area smooth. Securing coins to bottom of car is another way to add weight. See Pinewood Derby® products for special coin pockets. Experienced Pinewood Derby® adults can lead you through these options.
  • How can we practice before the race?
    • A practice track for testing the speed and balance of a car is available at; some Scout shops offer free weigh-ins.
  • How can we weigh our cars?
    • You can bring your car to a local post-office, and they will weigh your car.

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